7 Grilling Rules

7 Grilling Rules That Every Summer Cook Should Know

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image via CamileStyles.com

image via CamileStyles.com

It’s the classic summertime barbecue scene: all the guys stand around the grill, prodding steaks or burgers and drinking beer while the women stay as far away from the fire as possible. Kidding! Y’all, this is 2019, and while I used to let the grill be Adam’s territory only, those days are gone. And you know what I’ve learned?

Once you know a few basic techniques, grilling is pretty much the easiest way you could dream of getting dinner on the table.

If you know how to turn on the gas and have great equipment to work with, you have what it takes to grill. (Unless we’re talking about charcoal, which is a whole other situation that I actually do stay away from.)

image via CamileStyles.com

image via CamileStyles.com

Even though the secret’s out, Adam still loves to man the grill (thank God), and now we tag team and treat a night at the barbecue as our favorite summertime date, where we both pour a glass of wine and enjoy the process together. Since grilling can feel a little intimidating if you’re new to the game, I teamed up with Wolf, of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove, the gold standard in kitchen appliances, to lay out my 7 basic rules that every aspiring summer cook should know. Nail these essential techniques, and you’re well on your way to Grill Master status.

1. Give it a rest.

2. Prepare the grill.

3. Choose your heat.

4. It’s all in the cut.

5. Put a lid on it.

6. Resist the urge to turn.

7. You can grill almost anything (even dessert.)

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