Choosing the Right Countertops

Remodeling 101Issue 41 — Kitchens 101

Remodeling 101: Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

by Christine Chang Hanway


Serving as both kitchen workhorse and showpiece, today’s countertops play a demanding role. Site of all food preparation, they’re expected to be durable (stain-proof, scratch-proof, and heat-proof), beautiful, and (best-case scenario) economical. No wonder choosing a countertop material is such a daunting decision.

But it needn’t be so tricky. Instead of getting seduced or intimidated by the endless options in the marketplace, begin by asking yourself the right questions and setting your priorities straight. As an architect who has survived and supervised several kitchen remodels, here’s my list of crucial questions you should ask yourself before you commit.

1. How will you use your countertops?

2. How much maintenance can you handle?

3. What are your kitchen requirements?

4. What’s your budget?

5. What materials speak to you?

This is an excerpt from a great article from Remodelsta. Click Here to see the full article

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